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Кепка Printio Что-то со слоном (something with elephant) stylish carving elephant bracelet with ring for women
Кепка — цвет: чёрный. просто слон и это шапка с этим слоном, а мы можем думать что это может что-то значит, а если мы так думает то - смотри seinfeld
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Bill McFarlan Drop the Pink Elephant. 15 Ways to Say What You Mean...and Mean What You Say stylish carving elephant bracelet with ring for women
As GMTV anchor, I interview hundreds of people every year. However well they interview, every single person would find it easier to explain their case by following these simple principles. EAMONN HOLMES, GMTV Presenter «[Drop the Pink Elephant]…tackle[s] every aspect of personal communication in a crisp, entertaining style.» THE PLAIN ENGLISH SOCIETY «There can be no whitewash at the White House.» (Richard Nixon). These nine words turned the American nation against their President. Why? Because people hadn't linked the White House with a cover up until Nixon himself made the connection. His own denial created the story. It is perhaps the most famous Pink Elephant in history. But what exactly is a 'Pink Elephant'? Pink Elephants are the unnecessary negatives that clutter your conversation and meaning, sending out the wrong signals to anyone you communicate with. In Drop the Pink Elephant, Bill McFarlan reveals how to avoid the deadly trap of allowing poor communication skills to obscure your meaning and reduce your effectiveness. Drop the Pink Elephant is filled with helpful, simple and practical advice on how to make your words count for more. Put these straightforward lessons into practice and you will notice immediately how much more effectively you are able to communicate with others. Sharpen your conversation by: * FIRST SPOTTING, THEN DROPPING THE PINK ELEPHANT * GETTING RID OF THE JARGON * LEARNING TO SPEAK IN PICTURES * RECOGNISING WHEN YOU SHOULD APOLOGISE OR THANK PEOPLE * CAPTIVATING AN AUDIENCE N.B. No animals were hurt in the making of this book. (Can you spot your first Pink Elephant?)
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Щетка Elephant Утюг stylish carving elephant bracelet with ring for women
Elephant 496429 Универсальная щетка снабжена удобной анатомической ручкой с резиновыми вставками, которые препятствуют скольжению в руке. Износостойкая щетина обеспечит длительное использование.
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Сумка Printio Elephant stylish carving elephant bracelet with ring for women
Сумка. Слон, линии, точки, вектор. Выполнено в профессиональном дизайнерском стиле.
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